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Oklahoma Business Filing Tips

Filing Tips for Oklahoma business owners

We recommend making all your filings through the Oklahoma Secretary of State online portal.  We have the direct links in your account and business filing tips on how to get through it the quickest.  If you already have a form filled out and don’t want to redo it through the online system, you can sign up for our Oklahoma registered agent service, take a look at how we have the forms filled out in your account, double check yours, and fax it into the OK SOS.

If you file online, the OK SOS approves your filing in 1-2 days.  If you fax or mail your filing in, it gets approved about 7-10 days later.

One weird thing about our state is that the Department of Revenue requires you to list them as a registered agent for foreign entities AND charges you $100 to do so.  Many people do not want to trust a government agency with something as important as your service of process.  All someone has to do is mail a letter to the OK Dept. of Revenue and you’ve officially been served.  Then you trust a huge state agency to properly mail you the document.

You can list an additional private registered agent in addition to the Oklahoma Department of Revenue, and then they would have to serve us.  By designating us as your registered agent, you get personal service, immediate delivery of the legal documents to your online account, notification to multiple emails and your attorney direct, follow up to make sure you or your people are looking at the document, annual report reminders, and someone who you can actually talk to instead of waiting a half hour to talk to some random state employee about something as important as you getting sued.  There have always been rumors that the OK Dept. of Revenue will get out of this racket, but as of right now, nothing ever changes.

Domestic Oklahoma entities do not have to list the Oklahoma Department of Revenue as an additional registered agent and can only list us.

If you’re forming an Oklahoma corporation, we recommend keeping your authorized shares low to avoid super high filing fees.  There’s a $50 minimum, but if you issue a bunch of shares it can be thousands of dollars, just to form your new company.  We typically recommend using 100 shares with $1 par value or 1000 shares with $1 par value to keep under the minimum payment requirements.